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Wellos Coaching Partnership
Wellos Coaching Partnership
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Congratulations! You’re now an official member of Wellos. By subscribing to Wellos, you’ve taken your first exciting step toward long-term health transformation. Yay!

What will I have at my fingertips?

As a new member of Wellos, you’ll have everything you need to revamp your current nutrition habits – food tracking, cutting-edge learning content, and premier access to a trained team of highly-skilled Wellos coaches who are on standby to support you on your health transformation journey.

What can I expect from my team of Wellos coaches?

They understand that YOU are the expert of your life and that their job is to help you make meaningful changes. That’s why they use a personalized, collaborative, and goal-oriented approach based on the science of behavior change.

So, what does that mean?

Well, behavior change is all about altering habits and behaviors for good. Sure, you may have a grand idea of the person you want to become, but you might not be sure where or how to start. This is where our coaches step in. They can help you do two things: one, clearly define your vision and two, identify ways to break it down into small achievable parts.

Don’t worry…

Wellos coaches aren’t here to be your boss. They’re here to partner with you to explore your values, strengths, and desires, so they can help you uncover health solutions best suited for your lifestyle.

Trust Wellos to help transform your health. Take time to say “hi” to our coaches. Share what drew you to Wellos and what you’d like to accomplish – your transformation vision. Wellos is truly thrilled you’re here.


Our coaches cannot diagnose, interpret medical data, prescribe or de-prescribe, recommend supplements, provide nutrition consultation or create meal plans, provide exercise prescription or instruction, consult and advise, or provide psychological therapeutic interventions or treatment. If your needs exceed the Wellos coach scope, you should connect with a healthcare professional. Wellos is educational in nature, and is not a substitute for healthcare professionals in your life.

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