What is Wellos?
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What is Wellos?

Wellos is an immersive health and wellness experience that takes you on a journey to a healthier you. Our innovative program balances valuable nutrition information with smart technology that responds to you and your unique health needs. The result? Healthy, long-lasting changes that stick.

We’ll be right beside you as you start working towards total health transformation. There’s no judgment here, only celebration. Let us give you a sneak peek of what Wellos has in store for you.

🎯 Nutrition Intelligence

Discover a fresh approach to reaching your goals. Our revolutionary system gives you the tools you need to change your habits and understand nutrition on a deeper level. Wellos also offers Insights based on what your body needs. And when you turn on Supports, you’ll unlock Practices (mini behavior change challenges), Coach Tips, and additional resources tailored to your individual goals.

🛎 Structured for Success

This program is your go-to for all things wellness. We’ve got educational resources, valuable lessons, and coaching to help you reach your health goals. With Wellos, it’s all about your personal wellness journey. We make sure you’re always on the right path, no matter where you’re starting or where you want to go. Wellos Journeys include…

  • Learning content that covers nutrition and health.

  • Supports and Practices that educate and inspire healthy eating and behaviors.

  • Coach support that makes the hard work of health change easier.

  • Tracking that keeps you on the right track toward overall health and wellness.

🛠 Innovative and Simple Tracking Tools

Tracking is essential to your health journey. It’s what keeps you motivated and empowered. But while tracking has a tendency to be time-consuming and high maintenance, the Wellos approach to tracking is different. We don’t ask you to track sun up to sun down for infinity. Our tracking is bite sized – as little as three days a month is enough to get you feedback. However, the more you track, the smarter Wellos gets and the more personalized your Insights become. The other awesome thing? Our database has 1M+ common foods and restaurant dishes to choose from. You won’t spend forever searching for your food or drink. It’s all right at your fingertips.

🌟 Customized and Comprehensive Wellness

Wellos is like your one-stop-shop for wellness. We offer a variety of options to fit your personal goals and needs. With Wellos, it’s all about you being in control.

🔬 Expert-Built and Evidence-Based

Wellos was created by dietitians and behavior change experts. And our experience is physician-approved. This means we're not just a wellness service. We're real health and habit experts who've sifted through the noise to bring you the most comprehensive and evidence-based guidance. You’re just one chat away from receiving 1-on-1 advice from our Wellos Coaches who are ready to support and motivate you!

Click here to learn more about how Wellos works.

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