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Who are the Wellos Coaches?
Who are the Wellos Coaches?
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Wellos™ Coaches are health and wellness professionals who partner with you throughout your transformation.

Our coaches greet you with warmth, zest, and curiosity as they help you explore your values, strengths, and desires to uncover health solutions best suited for your lifestyle. They provide guidance, support, and motivation. They know that you can create positive and lasting change in your life.

Here’s what you can expect from our coaches:

  • Educated and Trained Experts 🎯
    Wellos Coaches have training in nutrition, exercise, psychology, and behavior change.

  • Member-Centered Approach
    Coaches focus on your needs and goals. They take a member-centered approach, tailoring their guidance to your unique situation.

  • Goal Setting 🏆
    Wellos Coaches work with you to set specific, achievable health and wellness goals ranging from weight loss and management, stress reduction, and improving fitness and nutrition patterns.

  • Behavior Change 🧠
    One of the primary roles of a Wellos Coach is to help you identify and change less desirable behaviors, which involves exploring emotional factors hindering your progress.

  • Accountability and Support
    Wellos Coaches provide ongoing support and accountability. Let them know what kind of accountability and support you need.

  • Holistic Approach 🌿
    Wellos is a holistic program, and our coaches take a holistic approach to your well-being, considering not only physical health but also mental, emotional, and social aspects of health. They help you make lifestyle changes in nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management.

  • Motivation and Confidence Building 🤩
    Wellos Coaches help you build motivation and self-confidence to make sustainable changes.

  • Setting Realistic Expectations 👍
    Wellos Coaches will help you set realistic expectations and understand that making sustainable changes takes time. They assist in breaking down larger goals into manageable, achievable steps.

It's important to note that health and wellness coaching is distinct from medical or clinical counseling, as coaches do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Instead, Wellos Coaches complement the work of healthcare providers by focusing on behavior change and lifestyle improvements. Please review the Wellos Coaching Partnership to learn more.

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