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How does Wellos work?
How does Wellos work?
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With Wellos™, you’re in the driver’s seat. That’s because Wellos allows you to personalize your experience with 1-on-1 coaching support, simple-to-use nutrition tracking, and engaging Resources designed just for you.

Coaching 🏆

💡 Insights

We send you personalized reports every week based on your tracking and progress. The more you track, the more detailed your Insights Report!

🌱 Supports

We allow you to enhance your Wellos experience with nutrition-specific bundles of content and challenges, all based on your needs and habits – topics like fiber, sodium, added sugar, and more.

⛳📌 Practices

We provide you with fun mini challenges to put your learning into action. We’ll support you in making those healthier habits a reality.

💬 Chat

Need some extra support? You can have a 1-on-1 chat with a Wellos coach!

Tracking 📊

🏛 Tracking Pillars

Key areas of your health to monitor. Start with basics like nutrition, activity, and weight.

📲 Tracking Dashboard

View your daily health summary at a glance. It's like your health's mini news feed!

Nutrition tracking 🥗

🍴 Occasions

Daily meal moments to keep tabs on! Log your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.

  • Occasion Tabs & Cards - Simple visuals to show logged (or yet-to-be-logged) meals.

  • Occasion Times - Timestamp your meals so you and Wellos know when you munch.

ℹ️ Nutrient Tabs

Take a peek into the nutritional breakdown of your meals. Knowledge is power!

🏷 Wellness Tags

Quick feedback tags on your foods. Think of them as your accountability buddy!

✨ Tracker Tips

If you’ve selected a Support, Tracker Tips will help you stay motivated and goal-focused.

Journeys, Phases, Parts, and Lessons 📚

🧳 Journeys

These are like your personal health quests. Choose a Journey that resonates with your health goal, such as weight loss or enhancing your total wellness. Note: One journey at a time for maximum impact!

📺 Phases

Like a TV series has seasons, Wellos Journeys have Phases! Each one is a multi-week adventure with curated content to keep you on track. After completing Phase 1 of a Journey (we call this the Foundations Phase), you can change up the order you complete other Phases. Whether you're after Quality Nutrition, Cravings, or Emotional Eating, we've got a Phase for that.

📔 Parts

Parts are like mini-episodes in a Phase, each lasting about a week. They break down the Phase into tiny topics for bite-sized learning. While you’re not required to complete your learning in order, know that we have carefully organized each Part in order to build your knowledge thoughtfully.

📝 Lessons

These are your deep dives into each Part. Get ready for engaging videos and awesome Resources that let you explore even more.

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