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What do I get with Wellos?
What do I get with Wellos?

What you get with Wellos and how the program is personalized for you

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What do I get with Wellos™?

Wellos Journeys are flexible wellness experiences that allow you to personalize your wellness, from Supports to Practices, Insights, and Coaching.

How does Wellos personalize my experience?

Tracking! Tracking your nutrition may seem daunting at first, but trust us when we say it's a game-changer. Wellos isn’t just a program. It’s a virtual coach. As you track, we dig into that data and offer guidance, education, and multiple levels of support through the awesome Coaching tools described below.

Wellos Coaching tools

⭐️ Coaching

Wellos has a team of expert coaches, always ready to chat. They’re here to be your sidekick, helping you tackle challenges and celebrate wins. Additionally, they’ll help you navigate whichever adventure you choose.

💡 Insights

Start tracking to unlock your personal Insights and gain access to Supports and Practices to keep you focused on your journey. You’ll get weekly Insight Reports to track your progress and set your nutrition goals. These reports deliver recommendations for specific Supports and Practices as well as real-time tips and encouragement.

🌱 Supports

Designed to help you focus on a particular area of health need, Wellos suggests Supports based on your tracked data – protein intake, hydration levels, fiber consumption, and more. You can choose to activate a specific Support that aligns with your goals.

🏆 Practices

You can access mini health challenges within each Support called Practices. These are meant to help you create behavior changes related to your chosen Support area.

Coach Tips

Coach Tips are bite-sized nuggets of knowledge, guidance, and insider tips from our expert coaching team. These tips offer motivation, behavior change advice, lifestyle hacks, and actionable ideas to help you weave healthy habits into your daily routine.

Click here to learn more about how Wellos works.

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