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Coaching tab

Here's a quick overview for interacting with the Wellos Coaching tab.

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💡 Insights

Wellos rewards tracking with a personalized Insights Report, which shows you a daily breakdown of foods, nutrients, and calories from the previous week. Your Insights Report is at the top of the Coaching section under Insights.

🌱 Supports

At the time of Insights Reports delivery, three different Support options become available for you to choose from, each one focusing on a specific health need of yours, like fiber or protein intake.

Supports can be found within the Supports tab in the Coaching Section. When you activate a Support, you’ll then have access to the related Practices, Coach Tips, and Resources. Please note that Wellos requires tracking data in order to provide tailored nutritional Supports. We recommend at least three days of tracking, but the more you track, the smarter Wellos becomes. When Supports become available, you get to choose whether to remain in your current Support or switch to any of the three new Support options.


These mini health challenges appear when you turn on a Support in Wellos. You will be able to engage in one Practice at a time, as you work towards healthy, long-term habit change. When you are engaged in a Practice, it is marked as “Active.” When you are finished, the Practice is marked as “Complete.” You are welcome to repeat it as many times as you’d like or try a new one.

💬 Chat

This 1:1 chat with our team of health coaches is available to you anytime during your health journey. To get in touch with a coach, look for the Chat tab at the top of the Coaching section.

🌟 Coach Tips

These text and video tips from our expert coaches live on the Coaching section under Supports. You are able to scroll through the tips and view at your own pace and convenience.

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