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The Impact of Tracking
The Impact of Tracking

Tracking with Wellos™

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What can tracking do for you?

Tracking allows you to monitor what you eat and drink. Check out some of the biggest health-related benefits to tracking.

Benefits of Tracking

Analyze the nutrients you’re consuming 🥕

Tracking gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your macronutrient and micronutrient consumption. This is helpful when trying to determine whether or not you’re meeting the daily recommended values for each nutrient.

Brings patterns to light 💡

When you track, you’re able to see triggers that lead to unhealthy eating patterns. Maybe you notice you eat dessert every night while watching T.V. Identifying patterns allows you to work on replacing them with healthier habits.

Recognizes what your body needs 🤩

Tracking your intake can help you develop a deeper understanding of the foods that are beneficial to your health and those that you might want to cut back on or avoid.

Helps you better understand portion sizes 🍽️

Tracking helps you become more aware of healthy portion sizes. This is useful if you find you’re eating more calories than your body needs and want to make changes to how much you’re eating.

Can assist with weight loss ✅

Being conscious of your food intake and activity level is important when you’re trying to create a calorie deficit. Tracking your food with Wellos helps you spot an energy surplus or deficit.

Uses positive feedback to motivate you 🏆

Tracking can set you on a path of positive reinforcement, keeping you motivated and inspired to develop healthier eating habits. Being more aware of what you’re eating and getting regular positive feedback can significantly boost your chances of sticking to nutritious eating in the long run.

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