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Wellos™ Learning

Wellos’ content is organized into purposeful and impactful Journeys.

✨ Each Wellos Journey allows you to learn about different facets of your health, and apply what you’ve learned along the way. 🤸🏿‍♂️

The Learning Tab

Getting Started

At the top of the Learning tab, you will see the title of your current Wellos Journey.

Click Get Started on to begin your Wellos learning experience!

Continue Learning

In the Learning tab you can:

  • Continue Learning

    • working your way through each Journey, Phase, Part, and Lesson.

  • View Upcoming Phases of Learning

    • to preview what’s coming up next.

  • View Completed Phases of Learning

    • to revisit any previous learning at any time.

Navigating the Learning Tab

Learning is organized into Journeys, Phases, Parts, Lessons, and 'Digging Deeper' Resources.

Within a Journey, there are multiple Phases. Within a Phase, there are multiple Parts. Within a Part, there are multiple Lessons and Resources for Digging Deeper.

Wellos Learning Flow:

Journey > Phase(s) > Part(s) > Lesson(s) > Resource(s) for Digging Deeper

🗺️ What’s a Journey?

Click here for an overview of the Wellos program structure.

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